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The Finest Gourmet Chocolates

It was in Turin that eating chocolate, as opposed to drinking chocolate, was invented by a certain Mr Doret. The praline, much copied by the Swiss, was invented in Turin. What the Swiss are to watches the Torinese are to fine chocolates.

You can’t buy Chocolate this good outside of Piedmont – only a few little towns in France and Belgium come close. Even the Belgian, Swiss, French or Italian chocolate you buy in the UK/USA tastes completely different.Nowhere near as good.

The difference is that these small producers make chocolates for sometimes only twenty or so local shops and a few restaurants. The chocolate is so fresh it is often only sold in the winter as it doesn't keep well in summer. They use no flavourings, vegetable oil or any of the other funny things the chocolate at your local supermarket contains. I despair when I’m not in Italy!!

What is the best chocolate then?

After much eating of chocolates so that I could be sure - tough job but somebody has to do it - I have decided on the absolute best. The result is that the best chocolate makers in the world are - Gianduiotto. Peyrano Pfatish and Gobino. They all make a Gianduiotto second to none.

What is a Gianduiotto I hear you ask?

It is a decadent mix of toasted Piedmont hazelnuts and cocoa. The creamy version which is also from Piedmont and has conquered the world is Nutella, made by Ferrero Rocher chocolates, but it is not a patch on the Peyrano and Gobino creations.

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