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Why Homemade Hot Chocolate Makes You Feel So Good?

You know that hot chocolate tastes good but why does it make you feel good too? Better yet, why does the homemade stuff taste better than anything else? The answer may surprise you.

You likely already know that chocolate is good for you. It’s a fact that chocoholics sing from the rooftops. Chocolate contains flavonoids. These handy little guys act like antioxidants and help protect our body against cell damage. Flavonoids also have a positive affect on our red blood cells and the production of certain hormones. In fact, chocolate has been tested and shown to have a positive affect on a person’s mood. Perhaps it is the creamy texture or perhaps it is a chemical in the chocolate itself.

What you may not know is that some chocolate will make you feel much better than others. Take for example hot chocolate made from scratch. You’re simply combining warm milk and chocolate. There are no ‘extras’ that you might find in a commercial mix. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners and no tropical oils.

What do tropical oils have to do with it? Tropical oils are extremely saturated fats. Quite often they’re found in snack foods and yes, you guessed it, many commercial hot chocolates. This high level of saturated fat may have a good enough taste but it doesn’t make you feel good. It makes you feel heavy and lethargic. Homemade hot chocolate makes you feel youthful and happy. The best of both worlds can be found.

You can get a homemade cocoa feeling from a hot cocoa mix. Just look for a mix that is free of tropical oils and 99% caffeine free like the McSteven’s hot cocoa mixes. One cup of this cocoa mix and you’ll feel like you’re drinking the feel good homemade cocoa your grandma used to make. carries a variety of cocoa mixes and hot chocolate makers. Stock up for winter!

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