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The Magic Of Chocolate

The Magic Of Chocolate
By Bhatnagar Sumit

Do you want to win your girl’s heart? Gift her a chocolate! Girls are very fond of chocolate.

Chocolate is a very good mood booster. It can bring a smile on your face even when you are angry or sad. Moreover, chocolate is known to boost up the sexual desire as well.

It is much better than a tranquilizer. It has been scientifically proven that chocolate is good for aged men and women. It has been suggested that chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disorders. It is also good for those who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Since ages, chocolate is considered to be a symbol of love and friendship.

No doubt, chocolate is the best gift and it can be gifted on any occasion. It can be gifted on Valentine's Day, Christmas, Friendship Day or on a birthday.

There are several kinds of chocolate. The main ones are as follows:

• 'Truffle' has a smooth center full of cocoa and ganache butter. The outside is just chocolate.

• 'Pave Glace' is 75% dark chocolate. But, it is soft and squishy. In my view, this is the best chocolate you can ever get to taste.

• 'Cherry Liquor' contains a real cherry dipped in chocolate sauce.

• 'Praline' chocolate is any chocolate that has nuts.

• 'Milk chocolate' has only 50% dark chocolate. Rest is made out of cocoa beans and sugar.

• 'Caprice' contains hazelnut paste and milk chocolate. It has praline covered in dark chocolate.

No matter what kind of chocolate you end up buying, it will definitely show you the magic of its taste.

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