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Hot Chocolate - Love Potion #1 in Winter

Chocolate… this word evokes such wonderful old memories – family holidays, mom’s chocolate cakes and chocolate chip cookies on Sundays… But it turns out that in the adult world this dessert has so much more to it! Did you know that chocolate is also known as a perfect seduction product?

A legendary Italian Mr. Lover Giovanni Casanova considered chocolate to be an indispensable part of any courting. The famous tempter always carried a silver box of chocolates that ladies simply could not resist. Besides, Casanova believed that the secret of his sexual strength laid in a ritual morning cup of hot chocolate.

This delicious drink is not difficult to prepare:

U’ll need:
2 table spoons of cacao powder
1 table spoon of cane sugar
100 ml of milk
a dash of chilli pepper
U’ll have just to mix it well and to put it on a slow fire. Don’t forget to stir it till it boils. As soon as it does – the drink is ready!

A cup of hot chocolate will warm your partner’s “feelings” up when it is so cold outside! ;)

P.S. Do not forget that chocolate is very rich in calories, so do not abuse with it. Its calorie count is over 500 Kcal per 100g. Among the popular chocolate bars Snickers and Mars are the most rich in calories.

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Hot Chocolate - Love Potion #1 in Winter

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