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Chocolate - Soul Food!

Chocolate - Soul Food!
By Brian McCoy

Indulging in your favorite sweet treat is an experience treasured and enjoyed by many. Everyone has their own different and specific favorite treat. However, most anyone will agree that chocolate ranks right up there on their list.

For centuries, chocolate has been seen as a delicacy. It used to be that only the wealthy could afford such enjoyment. Nowadays, there is temptation of a chocolate treat lurking around every corner. From the aisles at the convenience store or supermarket, to the pan of brownies on the kitchen counter, chocolate is readily available at every turn.

Chocolate is soul food. Not only good for the soul, but also therapeutic. Most people have a treasured memory to go along with their favorite treat. Chocolate is no different. From licking the bowl of chocolate chip cookies as a child, to sitting and chatting with a loved one over a piece of chocolate cake, memories have been made while eating chocolate.

While chocolate is good for your taste buds and your soul, it may also be good for your health. What better news could there be?

When it comes to your health, dark chocolate is definitely the most nutritionally sound. This is due to its high content of cocoa. From the cocoa brings other helpful benefits such as flavonoids, antioxidants, and a high ORAC value. Essentially what these healthy properties equate to are to assist you in fighting the free radicals that lead to heart attacks, cancer, and strokes.

All of these properties work together to give you a food that is literally good for your soul. Eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate can help to lower your blood pressure, bad LDL cholesterol, and increase your mood. Chocolate has natural properties that help to increase the serotonin level in your brain, thus increasing your general mood.

With all of these added benefits, chocolate is not only good for your soul, but also good for you. So enjoy your delectable treats and know that you're giving your body added benefits.

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