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Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving - Without Adding Inches!

Do you Crave Chocolate? Most of us do, some more then others. Did you know the average American consumes around 12 pounds of chocolate per year? While that may be true, but why do we crave chocolate? After doing a little digging, to confirm what I knew to be true. . . eating chocolate makes you feel good. We feel relaxed after we eat chocolate.

The scientific reason is because the chemical called serotonin found in chocolate is a neurotransmitter that regulates many functions, including mood, appetite, and sensory perception.

Fantastic, we can eat chocolate. . . . but what about the potential weight gain if we eat to much?

Remember the old adage "everything is good for you in moderation!" Keeping that in mind, the chocolate lover in all of us can enjoy the wonderful flavors of chocolate, in moderation. The key is to find a satisfying chocolate treat that keeps one from over indulging. . . which would lead to the waist line issue.

Here are two perfect solutions to help satisfy the chocolate craving without the guilt from going overboard!

Solution Number One: Find one Chocolate treat you really enjoy eating, break it into portions. . . this way you satisfy the craving without the guilt. Eat what you like just less of it. Doing this solves two situations. First you feel better now that you had a chocolate treat and because you ate only a small piece you don't feel like you have to go to the gym and exercise for an hour!

For Example: I have this fantastic recipe for Coconut Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies. My all time favorite. Bake these chocolaty delightful cookies, share some with your friends, which by the way they will LUV these cookies, and freeze the rest. They last for a few months in the freezer, although they have never made it past about 6 weeks in my freezer.

Everyday after lunch or dinner treat yourself to a cookie. One cookie, okay sometimes two. If you make them small and it is one of those days where you need just a bit more, go ahead eat another one, they're small. Pretty easy solution, right!

Solution Number Two: Food Exchange. There might be several dieticians who would not agree with this solution, but when you really want a decadent chocolate desert, try eating less the meal before the meal in which you know you are going to eat a tasty dessert.

For example, you have been invited to a birthday party. . you know there will be cake, cut back on the amount you eat for lunch because you are going to a birthday party that evening. It works every time. You will enjoy each and every bite of that birthday cake. And try not to worry about the calories. That would just take the pleasure out of eating a delicious dessert.

Keeping in mind that everything is good for you in moderation, find great recipes that allow you to freeze a tasty treat. Enjoy a little at a time without worry about inches. Try not to deny yourself those good feelings you get from eating chocolate!

Hi, My name is Victoria. I enjoy cooking so much I created a website about cooking! This is for everyone interested in learning easy cooking techniques with easy recipes. I share my most popular recipes. . . the ones my family and friends rave about!

Please visit - for the Coconut Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookie recipe. A fantastic recipe to satisfy your Chocolate Cravings! Take a look around the site you may find other terrific recipes you want to try.

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