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The Changing World of Xocai Chocolate

For centuries chocolate was consumed as a drink. Then the English started baking it into pastries and cakes. This was a revolution. A new way for the food of the gods to be enjoyed. You could get a double dose of chocolate by eating a pastry flavored with chocolate and washing it down with a hot chocolate drink. The modern equivalent is healthy chocolate which is unprocessed.

Itís the way of mankind is to constantly search for new and improved ways to do things. Manufacturing and consuming chocolate has been no exception. The largest global producer of a modern chocolate produced using only natural cacoa is Xocai.

Europeans started changing chocolate shortly after it was introduced in the 16th century. They were drinking it hot. Gone were the chilies used for seasoning and sugar had taken their place.

Steam engines were converted for use in grinding the cocoa beans. This allowed chocolate to be manufactured in factories on a large scale basis. New machines were being invented to make the processing of mass quantities even easier. These new methods of production resulted in lower costs. The reduced prices made chocolate available to the common folk instead of just the rich elite.

The cocoa press was invented. This squeezed the cocoa butter out of the sees and made the beverage smoother. The cocoa press also helped reduce the price of chocolate. Dutching was inventing to reduce the acidity and make the beverage tastier.

Today Xocai computers are used in some steps of the processing and packaging. This allows for quality control and production quantities that could not even have been dreamed of a century ago. The result is a fine natural unprocessed healthy dark chocolate.

The author has been a healthy lifestyle journalist for over five years who's latest research is Xocai. A fan of original and new business opportunities, healthy chocolate is taking the USA and Australia by storm. The health benefits of Xocai are proving to be wide ranging.

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