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For the Love and Thought of Chocolate - Give Chocolate Gifts

Once you sink your teeth into a piece of chocolate and allow it to rest in your mouth to liquify on the surface of your tongue, almost instantaneously you are sent into a creamy, melted, and all-too-pleasurable state of being. It's truly a remarkable and quite addicting experience. But, have you ever wondered why this ecstasy-type of feeling occurs? If you've been curious as to why this intriguing phenomenon occurs once having ingested a piece of chocolate, you should first know that chocolate is much more than it appears and has more than mere taste and treat benefits.

A Food With A Hidden, Happy Agenda

In fact, chocolate is a food with enough hidden potency to trigger particular areas in your brain that produce and prolong happy thoughts. And this is not to say that chocolate is at all related to that pixie dust in which Peter Pan's, Tinkerbell, uses to lift individuals off the ground. But, what it does imply is that chocolate does indeed have the powerful ability to generate positive emotions in peoples' brains.

Chocolate On The Brain: Neurotransmitters Spur Happiness

So, this feeling of delight that comes from every bite is almost unbelievable, yet it is most certainly explainable, especially from a scientific angle. Within chocolate exists a few essential ingredients that are known for their neuro-activating tendencies and overall mental stimuli statuses - of the active ingredients include both Tryptophan and Phenylethylamine.

Tryptophan triggers the brain to produce more serotonin, a neurotransmitter assigned to assist in the modulation of positive moods and sexualities, among other many other traits. Considerable levels of serotonin can be released into an individual's brain after eating chocolate and the results are heightened feelings of excitement, elation and even ecstasy. With phenylethylamine as a neurotransmitter, after consuming chocolate, feelings of attraction, giddiness and apprehension are all rendered.

Giving Chocolate Gifts and Spreading Positive Feelings

So, with all this upbeat scientific knowledge, I'm sure you're already enjoying a piece of chocolate or two already. And if not, you should be! But, in all seriousness, why would anyone not want to eat chocolate now, especially with knowledge of gaining positive mental outcomes? It's fair to say that eating chocolate is enjoyable, so why not get the most out of it and reap the benefits of being elated while eating it? And also, why not spread the love while you're at it too?

Spread those positive feelings that come with eating chocolate by giving your family, loved ones and friends some chocolate gifts. Once you do, it's certain you and your gift-receivers will be smiling from ear to ear with, of course, chocolate-covered faces.

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