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The Real Reasons Women Love Chocolate

For most women, when they want to eat something to make them feel better, they choose chocolate. Women all over the world think of chocolate as their comfort food. Why do so many women consider it their favorite flavour?

First of all, the chemical phenylethylamine, in chocolate has a good reaction with the human brain. One interaction with the brains chemicals produces a mild antidepressant effect. Nothing major, just a mild feel good reaction. Anadamide is another chemical in chocolate that gives us feelings of calmness, well being and a ├Črightness with the world. Neither of these chemicals causes a big change, but both are strong enough to be felt. Xocai chocolate also helps your brain release serotonin which gives you a feeling of pleasure.

Chocolates melting point is just above body temperature. So it melts in your mouth perfectly. This feeling is associated with sensual pleasure. A study found that the melting in your mouth effect results in an increase in the brain activity and an increase in heart rate. These increases are stronger than what a passionate kiss gives you. And they last up to four times longer.

Phenylethylamine has also been shown to bring on the same feelings of happiness and joy as being in love. Chocolate is obviously delicious and now there is an added benefit, Xocai produce fine dark healthy chocolate that is

Shortly before a womans menstrual cycle, blood glucose and serotonin levels drop. Eating Xocai chocolate raises those levels and helps adjust the hormone imbalance. The serotonin that chocolate encourages the brain produce also acts like a sedative.

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