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Tips For Collecting Chocolate Candy Molds

Wondering what it takes to collect Antique Chocolate Candy Molds ? Find out here why it can become your next collection passion.
# 1 - Make sure you research what you are buying. You can do this by doing a search on a search engine. Keep in mind that Antique chocolate molds sometimes sell for high dollars. There are many books out on the market today that discuss collections such as Antique Chocolate molds. The best source would be your local library or local book store.
# 2 - Visit Garage Sales, Online Auctions and Estate Sales. You wouldn't believe the wonderful deals you can find. Online you can find wonderful sites such as antiquecandymolds and many more. It is also a great place to research a particular chocolate mold as you can find out so much about them and find out what a fair price is for the one you are looking for.

# 3 - Another very important decision in Collecting Molds is if you plan to actually use them not only for your collection but also to make candy with them. If you do choose to use your mold to make Candy, be the Chocolate mold is in working order. It would be a great disappointment to find that hard to find mold only to find out you cannot make your candy in it due to damage, wear etc. So be sure when purchasing a mold online you ask the seller questions so that you are aware of the condition.

# 4 - Search the internet and local papers for groups such as Chocolate lovers. Groups are not only a great way to meet people, but the ideas that are shared are the best part ! Its a great way to build friendships, share ideas and maybe even start a Antique Chocolate Mold group of your own!

# 5 - Last but not least - ENJOY your collection and what better way than to show off your collection when not in use. Make sure the space you decide on is big enough for your collection as collections can grow rather quickly. I choose to display my molds using plate racks and I place my molds around my kitchen on top of my kitchen cabinets I have a display area and they look great ! Chocolate molds are a great conversation started and my guests always ask about them.

Have fun with your collection. Antique Chocolate Molds are fun, cute and you can create chocolate that your family and friends will enjoy.

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