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Best Chocolate Dessert?

What may possibly be measured as the best chocolate dessert?
How does a person reply that question?
Maybe, the way we do it is by analyzing what we mean when we say best chocolate dessert.

The main key here is chocolate. A lot of desserts may contain chocolate in them, but it is a secondary flavor. A true chocolate dessert has chocolate at the heart of the whole thing. It is the base item from which the rest of the dessert is built.

We have to reduce desserts that do not feature the chocolate as the main ingredient. Chocolate is used as flavor in desserts, but is not the main source. Ice creams, donuts, unless completely chocolate, sauces, fruit dishes with chocolate sauces, cakes with the frosting, etc, would not be considered as best chocolate desserts. I have one for you, though, I think I only finished one whole piece in one setting, it was so rich.

I know there are many desserts that could jump and say they are the best chocolate dessert, but find themselves voted out of the contest, because chocolate is not the main ingredient. It has to be chocolate in its origin, and through the whole creative process, and stand alone as a chocolate heavyweight contender.

Ok, so here is my choice. It is called Chocolate Suicide. If we want to consider the chocolate of all, for me, it is Chocolate Suicide. It is a triple layer deep chocolate cake, with chocolate cream, like fudge, but creamier, between each layer, and topped with the same, and, if that's not enough, a wedge of chocolate bar in the top of each piece. The text messaging people would now write OMG!

This wins for me as the best chocolate dessert. I have tasted many chocolate desserts in my lifetime, believe me, but I am yet to find anything that represents pure, unadulterated chocolate to this day. Perhaps there is some lonely chocolate dessert waiting for me to discover it somewhere in thru frontiers of chocolate discovery, but until then...

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