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Organic Dark Chocolate

What is Organic Dark Chocolate Actually Means?

Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean. This cocoa bean comes from a plant and is certainly organic in nature when it is first gotten. However, through various processes and by adding certain ingredients, it may not be any longer considered this. But, there are some companies that stick to this regime and create some very delicious organic dark chocolate in the process. Lets explore some of these companies that offer this and discuss the organic aspect with each. However, before we do, lets first discuss what organic actually is or means.

Organic primarily means that the plant or ingredients are free from human compounds such as pesticides and fertilizers. There are no additives or preservatives and it is completely one hundred percent natural. In order to be considered to be organic, the company must be subjected to very rigorous certifications and the products are constantly being tested to conform to the organic standards. There are many companies that create organic dark chocolate and due to space limitations, only a few can be discussed here.

VitaChoice is probably the largest organic based company that is out there and their credentials are impeccable. They have various versions of dark chocolate that are considered to be extra dark brands and some incorporate both nuts as well as berries. All are two ounce in size and are eighty percent dark chocolate. They use specific hazelnuts in one version and wild blueberries in another and even offer both the nuts and the berries in one single bar. They are all certified Kosher-Dairy and are as organic as organic gets.

Intemperantia primarily aims and directs their products to the wedding genre. These are shipped directly from Switzerland and are a culmination of a few different regions throughout Europe which includes France, Germany, Italy, and of course, Switzerland. They use no artificial ingredients which includes colors as well as flavorings and this provides some of the finest chocolates that the world has to offer.

Then there is Dagoba. Recipient of the EPA Green Power Leadership Award for the "Best Dark Chocolate." They provide both single bars ready for eating as well as baking bars for your very own confections. There are an extreme amount of variations in the specific chocolate quantity and many are infused with various all natural flavors. This is probably the best place to find organic dark chocolate considering that these are created directly at the source. Coincidentally, they have also won other awards too. And they always pertain to the organic genre.

Therefore, if organic dark chocolate is what you are seeking, these three companies will certainly fill the bill and are probably considered to be the top three organic dark chocolate makers in the world. Find out more tips about organic dark chocolate at

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