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Gourmet Chocolate Bar Favors

Edible favors are one of the most popular types of favors whether for a wedding, shower, birthday, or other celebration. And out of all edible favors, chocolate favors are the most beloved.

Sales continue to increase for chocolate candy bar favors thanks to personalized wrappers. These wrappers usually feature a color theme and images, as well as an area to include names and dates on the wrappers at the very least. Some allow you to go further and provide an actual message such as "Thanks for sharing this day with us" or "Bryan's Birthday Bash", etc.

Companies that offer these personalized chocolate bar favors usually sell the fully assembled favor - meaning the candy bar with the wrapper already on. However, if you want to save money and are a 'Do-it-yourselfer' you may have the option to purchase only the wrapper. I've also seen individuals on sites such as offer wrappers only.

The vast majority of these favors use a Hershey® bar as the candy that the labels are wrapped around. And for most occasions - these candy bar favors are just fine. However, if you are hosting a more upscale celebration I highly recommend offering personalized label gourmet chocolate bar favors. The labels are essentially the same, but instead of being wrapped around a Hershey® bar, they are wrapped around a bar made from premium chocolate. The taste difference is immediately noticeable upon the first bit.

Although these gourmet chocolate bar favors cost a bit more, the bars are typically significantly larger than regular candy bars.

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Deb Rosenberg is a party planner and recommends these personalized gourmet chocolate bars that offers.

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