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Dark Chocolate Can Benefit Health with Moderate Amounts

In today modern society, chocolate is one of the favorite snack foods for many people around the world, but they also always relate unhealthy like sugar diabetes and fat to chocolate. According to expert’s latest demonstration, moderate amounts of dark chocolate dose good for our health. Maybe, many people doubt about this opinion, they cannot believe that chocolate, very high in fat and calories, is good to their health. If you want the chocolate is conductive to good health, you must meet the following conditions: one is to eat a little; the other one is to choose the chocolate that the content of cocoa beans is excess 60%.

Let's look at the chocolate nutrients: Several types of plant chemical components including carotenoids, such as beta carotene, lycopene and polyphenols, isoflavones and flavonoids. Research shows that cocoa and deep dark chocolate contains special rich flavonoids and its healthy nutrition food.

In fact, a lot of people overvalue the calories of chocolate. 40 grams of milk chocolate approximately contains 210 calories quantity of heat, even it can be weight control diet. Survey shows indicates that overweight people don't eat too much sugar food. In fact, it's more important to control total calorie intake and physical activity of energy expenditure. For case in point, overweight children usually are less active than those normal weight children. So, even if their calories intake is reasonable, they're still overweight.

With the growing concern of heart health, it seems that fat particularly saturated fats food should be avoided. But, latest research specified that not all the saturated fat have the same effect. Chocolate is the cocoa butter, and cocoa the natural fat which is consist of saturated fatty acids, single unsaturated fatty acids and other small amounts of fatty acids (less than 5%). Research also shows that cocoa butter contains high content of saturated fat, not like other saturated fats that can increase blood cholesterol. This is because chocolate contains saturated fatty acids containing a lot of stearic acid and palmitic acid. Palmitic acid can mildly reduce cholesterol concentration, and the saturated fatty acid has no effect on chocolate blood cholesterol levels. In addition, Single unsaturated fatty acid oleic acid can bring down the concentration of cholesterol.

A study found that after eating chocolate, blood needed to lengthen oxidation, and the blood of the total antioxidant capacity also increased. The chocolate mono-unsaturated fats have the antioxidant oleic and linolenic acids. Research results show that chocolate can help maintain cardiovascular health. Consequently, to eat moderate amounts chocolate is not harmful, instead, will contribute to the overall health.

My final conclusion is that chocolate can become part of healthier dietary but also should ensure the meal is diverse. Any food, as long as moderate, can be in a healthy diet. So, stop too much worrying, just enjoy the relish and fun of chocolate.

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