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How to make chocolate ?

It's easy to make chocolate but it's hard to make chocolate well. This is why there are so few excellent chocolate makers in the world and those who are very good at it retain their respective titles.

You can try making chocolate at home, but after a few attempts, unless you're a hobbyist, you'll probably resort to buying it from the store in the future.

The first thing you'll need to do is select your beans. The Forasteros bean has a slightly bitter taste and weak aroma but due to the fact that it grows in high yields, it's the most popular cocoa bean in the world, accounting for most of the world's chocolate production. The Criollo bean is of higher quality than the Forasteros but more expensive. The Trinitario is a hybrid of the Criollo and the Forasteros, while the Nacional has a nice aroma but it's hard to grow, making it one of the less popular cocoa beans.

After selecting your cocoa beans you'll need to roast them until the hulls crack. It can be anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour at a temperature range of 250 to 300 degrees. It's important to keep an eye on them so you know when the shells crack and you can take them out before they burn. Use the same method you might use to roast chestnuts and Christmas time.

Remove the husks. It's possible to do this with a hammer and a thick cutting board. Next you'll need to grind the beans to a powder and refine the powder by grinding them again. Since cocoa beans have a pulp and a moisture to them, don't grind them using a wheat grinder, as it will cause the wheat grinder to clog and create a paste rather than a powder.

Next, agitate the chocolate by folding it over and add sugar, lecithin, and milk if you want milk chocolate. This process takes quite a long time and you might need to use a machine that mixes automatically. Some bread mixers work quite well for this.

Finally, temper the chocolate by heating the mixture. This makes the chocolate smooth and shiny, though it's difficult to do it perfectly and if it doesn't temper properly your chocolate could either turn out burned or it might succumb to "bloom," which is when a white covering develops on the outside of the chocolate. Bloom doesn't ruin the chocolate but it does make it less attractive.

After all your hard work, enjoy your final product. Remember, after all, that chocolate contains alkaloids that are similar to the hormones your body produces when you're falling in love.

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