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Three Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a drink that is known throughout the world as a drink that is wonderful. It has a rich taste, its warm and makes you feel great. Best of all the drink tastes amazing and will keep you feeling great for a long time after you have finished drinking it. People all over the world are now used to making the drink, but of course with any drink that is popular there are methods to make sure that you make the perfect cup every single time. There is nothing worse than sitting down after you have made what you thought was the perfect cup of hot chocolate only to realise that it tastes disgusting.

That is not something that you want to experience and of course if you do experience it then you may find that you will not try to make another cup again.

But rest assured, that after years of making this seemingly lovely drink have perfected the way that it should be made, and will reveal all today so that you too can join me and make the perfect cup of hot chocolate that both you and your friends can come to enjoy again and again and again.

The first step to making the perfect hot chocolate is to make sure that you have purchased the perfect and most tasteful hot chocolate available to you. I would recommend that you pick a brand that is known for producing high quality products. This may be a little more expensive but you need to understand that the quality of the chocolate must be outstanding if you want to be able to make best cup of hot chocolate. So go for the best brand, you will not regret it.

Next step is to make sure that you use four teaspoons of hot chocolate for each cup that you make. You want to make one cup at a time, and give each cup that you make your full attention. There is nothing worse than trying to make three cups at the same time, and all the three cups are of crap quality. So just focus on the one cup, and use four teaspoons of your high quality chocolate.

The third steps is to make sure that you boil milk and pour it over the hot chocolate nice and slowly. You really want the chocolate granules to melt and dissolve into the milk with ease. Do not rush this step. Once you have filled the cup to the top with milk let it stand for about 30 seconds and then mix with a teaspoon. Then voila you have your perfect cup of hot chocolate. Enjoy.

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