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Chocolate - Food For Love

How often do people take in chocolates? Certainly, people from all walks of life have a great passion for eating chocolates. In all occasions, chocolates seem to be the greatest presents ever. The seeds from the tree known as Theobroma cacao make up chocolates. The Greek term "Theobroma" stands for "food of the gods". It traces its roots from the ancient culture of the Aztecs wherein the cacao tree has been widely venerated while the beans were utilized as some kind of currency. The Aztecs saw the potential of the cacao tree to invigorate wealth as well as strength so their god name Quetzalcoatl was assigned to guard it.

Who is not addicted to chocolates, anyway? Among all foods, chocolate is one of the best that never fails to entice someone. These chocolates obviously taste good. Chocolates are deemed to be the best presents ever, so to speak, especially that they never run out of fashion. They are likewise well loved by many recipients. Aside from being a sweet and delicious food, chocolate also has plenty of good points to show off that prove its trademark as the food for love.

Chocolate as a Health Food

Most experts claim that chocolate is one healthy food particularly because of its aphrodisiac quality. It has been found out to be good for the human heart aside from piquing romance right into the atmosphere. The chocolate aids in cleaning out the blood vessels. Basically, we all require an escalated rate of pumped blood in the human body as we commit to exercising or lovemaking, then, chocolate's aphrodisiac elements are just perfect.

More so, chocolate also motivates the discharge of endorphins, the natural body hormones which promotes the feelings of well-being and pleasure. It contains the so-called natural love drug. Tryptophan is that chemical that is utilized by the brain in order to create the neurotransmitter known as serotonin. Amplified levels of serotonin makes way for the production of the feelings of ecstasy and elation. Researches from the California University in 2001 published the findings pointing to the importance of consuming some kind of chocolates which has the ability to modulate the hormone compounds called cicosanoids. These compounds may aid in the maintenance of cardiovascular health by means of lessening the vulnerability of the blood vessel and the clumping of the platelets.

The final chocolate product always contains the healthy extract of the compounds from the plants including zinc, iron copper, antioxidants like polyphenols, and magnesium.

Chocolate as a Present

As chocolate boasts of its great taste and texture, they can be made and found in a variety of forms. There are different tastes that chocolates have that are the reason as to why lots of people are attached to these specifics. They have their favorite brands and kinds too. This makes chocolate a typical item to be given as a gift to almost anyone.

Chocolates are great breakfast and after meal treats. They are perfect gifts to be given on almost all occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, romantic encounters, and several other events. The giving of chocolates is one way of saying "I love you" and letting the other person know how one feels. The food is a great gift for kids and adults alike.

As the most precious and treasured dessert for men and women alike, chocolates could be made in a variety of recipes. As we look into all traditional cultures, there is certainly not one of those which puts chocolate aside. In every occasion, there is always a chocolate recipe involved. These treats are too common that it is never hard to spot one to be given as a great gift for all occasions.

There are a range of at least three hundred eighty known chemicals found in chocolates so it is not to be doubted that most people find the treat heavily appealing. Chocolate treats may likewise be found in several other forms and combinations like caramel, berry, vanilla, and many more. Aside from being sweet, tasty, and delicious, chocolates have the power to enhance one's mood. Indeed, chocolate is a food for love that is great to be served and given to loved ones, pals, and romantic partners.

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