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Chocolate - A Girl's REAL Best Friend

Alright ladies, so many of us say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but when it really comes down to it, most of us would choose a big box of chocolates to be stranded on a desert island rather than a sparkling tennis bracelet! Sure diamonds are gorgeous, expensive and desirable, but putting one in your mouth just doesn’t give you that sinful feeling of love melting through your tongue, delicious ecstasy, of pure heavenly bliss that only chocolate can provide. It is no wonder why 99% of women crave and love chocolate. Women just have a special relationship with chocolate that most men cannot understand. While most men like chocolate, some may even love chocolate, they just don’t crave it on every level the way us women do. The sad fact of it is though, is that a lot of us women have had a love hate relationship with this ‘food from the gods’ for too long. We love chocolate, but hate that it ‘goes right to our hips’ or whatever other reason that our mothers have told us to stay away from it. Well the only reason chocolate has gotten its bad name is because of the heavy processing, and added sugars and fats that most chocolate has gone through. That’s why The Doctors Chocolate is all natural with no sugars or fats added, so that we could enjoy our chocolate without the guilt!

Increased Cravings at “That Time of the Month?”

You feel awful and irritable, your husband is hiding in a corner in the fetal position and your kids know to stay out of your way, it’s that time of the month again and you just want some chocolate! The reason your body craves chocolate around your menstrual cycle is because the changing hormones make serotonin and endorphin levels in your body drop off. You reach for chocolate because your body knows that it can help raise serotonin and give you an endorphin rush, instantly making you feel a little more normal. The problem with this is that we usually reach for chocolate loaded with sugar, and the sugars will only keep you feeling good for so long, and then your blood sugar levels crash making you even more irritable and your family even more scared of you. The Doctors Chocolate of course doesn’t have the sugar in it, but even better they’ve added a wonderful compound called L-Theanine that has been scientifically proven to reduce PMS by calming and relaxing you. That is good news for women everywhere, and of course everyone they know!

Prefer Chocolate over Sex?

With many women this is the case, when presented with chocolate or the opportunity to have sex-they choose the chocolate! Why is this? Well chocolate has a chemical called phenylethyamine, (PEA), which has been named the ‘love drug’. PEA is naturally made in your body and is the same chemical released in your brain when falling in love. When we eat chocolate, PEA is released into our brain giving us that feeling of being in love. It’s also the same feeling we feel after making love and PEA is responsible for releasing the chemical dopamine which is at its peak during orgasm. So it makes sense why some prefer eating chocolate over sex, women get a lot of the same feelings doing either, and eating chocolate takes a lot less effort after a long day!

Now that you know that eating chocolate is a good way to help ladies at "that time of the month", I’m sure you want to share this information with your friends and family who also love chocolate! The Doctor’s Chocolate is not only a healthy and delicious treat; it is also an amazing opportunity for a home based business! Just think the more people you tell about The Doctor’s Chocolate, the more chocolate you get to eat for free! Visit right away!

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