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Dark Chocolate Equals Health and Wealth

Can you imagine anything easier to talk about than chocolate?

Chocolate is craved more than any other food on the planet, 99% of people like it, 9 out of 10 people actually crave it, 50% of Americans say they can't live without it, the average American eats 12 lbs per year...the average Japanese citizen eats 20 lbs per year! Everybody is talking about the health benefits of chocolate...

Tammy Ansaldo of Stillwell, KN is raving about the health benefits. She said, "I have been struggling with elevated blood pressure for two years. My blood pressure typically ran 130/90 which was a cause for concern with my physician. He continued to monitor me during those two years and suggested that we begin antihypertensive medication if we couldn't lower my blood pressure through diet and exercise. Well, I'm happy to report that after only a few weeks of eating a Healthy Chocolate, my blood pressure is now down to 120/80, a perfectly normal range. Healthy chocolate has made a positive change in my cardiovascular health and I'm excited to share these great products with others"!

The University of Utah and Harvard both have studies to back up the health benefits of certain dark chocolate. Many celebrities are supporting healthy chocolate as well: such as Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, and Marie Osmond. Success magazine is also scheduled to have a write up about healthy chocolate companies in August. With all of the doctors and celebrities supporting the health benefits of certain healthy chocolates, there must be something to this craze!

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Brianne Beaty is a successful home based business entrepreneur, speaker, and trainer. Her passions are helping people attain their goals of financial freedom and health. She has a degree in Dance and Communications with an emphasis in Media Management from San Diego State University. Brianne was a professional dancer in San Diego, L.A, and Portland. She also has been a director of fitness for five athletic clubs in the Oregon valley and continues to consult for the health and wellness industry.

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