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Can You Get Healthy and Wealthy From Home With Chocolate?

Fortune magazine listed Chocolate as one of the top 10 businesses for the next ten years. Multiple occurences are converging to create a tremendous opportunity: baby boomers, an increased focus on health, home business explosion, medical research, media attention and more. Chocolate represents a massive and growing market. It is now a 110 Billion dollar industry. 99% of people say they like chocolate. 90% actually crave chocolate. And 50% of people questioned say they can't live without it. Chocolate is the most craved food on the planet! Healthy Chocolate represents an entirely new product genre. And cookies are North America's favorite snack! American's averaged nearly 50lbs of cookies per person last year! "The manufactured cookies market in the US will reach $6.1 billion in 2010" - Packaged Facts. Healthy & Premium cookies are the fastest growing areas of the market.

Every so often the right idea comes along at the right time and changes the health and wellness industry in a big way. Healthy chocolate is doing exactly that!

Chances are that you have heard something about dark chocolate's health benefits. Chocolate has been showing up in the news and on TV. Why the fascination with chocolate? It is really simple, people want to be healthier and people love their chocolate. This is the perfect combination, like finding out that your favorite "vice" is suddenly not bad for you at all but is actually healthy for you and recommended by doctors!

Entrepreneur Magazine put Chocolate on their list of the Top 10 Business Trends. In 2007 Dark Chocolate sales rose 30%. Many experts expect that number to grow considerably as more and more people learn about the scientific evidence surrounding dark chocolate.
According to Product Scan, a top-rated trend-tracking organization, the top 4 trends for health and wellness products are: Chocolate, Acai Berry, Omega Fatty Acids, Antioxidants. Certain healthy chocolates contain all four of these ingredients.

To learn more about health and chocolate, visit Brianne's Healthy Chocolate website.

Brianne Beaty is a successful home based business entrepreneur, speaker, and trainer. Her passions are helping people attain their goals of financial freedom and health. She has a degree in Dance and Communications with an emphasis in Media Management from San Diego State University. Brianne was a professional dancer in San Diego, L.A, and Portland. She also has been a director of fitness for five athletic clubs in the Oregon valley and continues to consult for the health and wellness industries.

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