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Gain Wealth, Not Weight, With Chocolate

What could be better than discovering that there are healthy chocolate companies?

I'm not talking about your ordinary, store bought chocolate. Healthy chocolate is different. While there are hundreds upon hundreds of impressive testimonials, there is no need to rely on them...because science is on our side. Thousands of studies that have already been published as well as new studies coming out almost every week are out there on line and in the news to back healthy chocolate. And there is research being conducted right now that is showing a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and weight with healthy chocolate.

While all dark chocolate has some benefits, researchers and physicians are careful to point out that many of those benefits are eliminated by the added fats, fillers, sugars, and waxes. Healthy chocolate has changed everything. The health benefits of raw cacao, Acai berry and blueberry combined into a single great tasting gourmet chocolate quickly becomes the healthiest food you can find. This is a product formulated without the added fat, wax, fillers, caffeine, preservatives and high-sugar content found in other chocolates. The result is real food nutrition instead of a candy.

Healthy chocolate that has a proprietary, patented "cold-press" process which provides a unique advantage in the marketplace. The cold process technique preserves the powerful nutritional elements of the raw cacao without sacrificing the taste, texture or sensory experience of gourmet chocolate. This proprietary process coupled with their proprietary formulation of Acai berry, blueberry and low-glycemic sweeteners, has created a health food in the form of real Belgium gourmet chocolate

People are amazingly receptive to hearing about "Healthy Chocolate". It's as if the combination of the two words has some magical hypnotic pull. It is a "show stopper"!
People become very open and anxious to learn more. And the more they learn, the more excited they become.

Almost everyone knows someone concerned about diabetes, heart health, losing weight, the effects of aging. Healthy chocolate can help!

Healthy chocolate is positioned ahead of the massive growth curve that is expected in the dark chocolate world. The Media is just beginning to discover dark chocolate. Each time a new positive scientific study about the health affects of chocolate is released, the media jump on the story. The attention has just begun and is likely to snowball over the next decade.

Media attention adds credibility to the healthy chocolate industry. Even when others read or hear about antioxidant stories - like the benefits of red wine - it prepares them for healthy chocolate and further validates the need for antioxidants in our diets.

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Brianne Beaty is a successful home based business entrepeneur, speaker, and trainer. Her passions are helping people attain their goals of financial freedom and health. She has a degree in Dance and Communications with an emphasis in Media Management from San Diego State University. Brianne was a professional dancer in San Diego, L.A, and Portland. She also has been a director of fitness for five athletic clubs in the Oregon valley and continues to consult for the health and wellness industries.

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