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Fabulous Belgian Chocolate Fountains - a Wedding Review

At a local wedding our breath was taken away by a most delicious chocolate fountain. The fountain was a great talking point and kept both the children and adults more than happy. A real treat for us all! We discovered that the best fountains use Belgian chocolate and not a chocolate and oil mix. That was our first lesson. Like all chocolate, there is expensive and delicious, mid price and just plain awful. You have to ask what chocolate is being used and if oil is added, what type of oil (this is sometimes necessary to keep the chocolate flowing).

Belgian Chocolate Fountains

The Chocolate Fountains provided something a little different at this wedding and if you are in the London and Essex area, we would recommend you include a Belgian Chocolate Fountain in your event. It can be tailored to your needs with different chocolate flavors. It also can be altered to meet dietary requirements and personal preferences.

At What kind of events can Chocolate Fountains be Used?

These exclusive Belgian Chocolate Fountains can be enjoyed at your wedding or other special event for example, christenings, birthdays, corporate events, conferences, trade shows and private functions. The whole of the London and Essex areas can be catered for and companies can provide for a range of parties from 2 to 2000 guests!

Try Dipping Palm Fruits for Extra Zing!

There is a whole range of tasty treats to dip in the Chocolate Fountain but consider our surprise when we saw a Palm made out of Fruits which was a colourful and edible surprise. The Palm Tree of fruits stands 50" (127cm) tall and the trunk is made up of approximately 500 bite size pieces of exotic fresh fruit. The fruit used included melon, pineapple, coconut, kiwi, strawberries and grapes to name a few. For the children at the wedding or for guests with a sweet tooth, the fruit can be replaced with sweets if you prefer such as; marshmallows, creamy vanilla fudge, jelly babies, sweet bananas and many more.

What types of Chocolate was available?

What was not there was more the question. Besides the usual flavours of plain, milk and white chocolate, The Chocolate Fountain suppliers can also provide the following flavours or chocolate; orange, strawberry, lemon and lime, caramel, hazelnut and honey. These additional flavours do not come with an additional cost!

Staff and Hygiene are very important.

All the staff were elegantly dressed and prepared to wear outfits to suit the event, i.e. black tie. The staff add value and style to the wedding at no extra cost and ensure all your guests can feast on the Fountain safely and hygienically. The machines were the best made Chocolate Fountains which had been fully PAT tested and the company held a full Public Liability Insurance. Hygiene and customers health was taken very seriously so all the staff were fully trained in these areas and the Company was registered with the Food Standards Agency.

This was an aspect of Chocolate Fountains that we had never thought of and we made notes of this to ensure that any Fountains we may hire come from a fully compliant company.

Belgian Chocolate Fountains give Weddings that WOW effect

If you are planning your special day, be sure to include a Belgian Chocolate Fountain if you are in the London and Essex area. Make your event unique, colourful, tasty and a real talking point with family, friends and colleagues. Most importantly make sure that their health is protected while they are having fun.

Di Chapman is a support and marketing specialist helping small companies in the UK and France. She won 2 awards for her E-Commerce marketing in the UK and now enjoys life at a slower pace. Great for her love of food but not so good for her figure. She is totally addicted to chocolate and so had to put 'pen to paper' once she had seen a Chocolate Fountain. Di still works helping homeworkers start up their own businesses and become independent.

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