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Chocolate and Health

Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa cholesterol battling antioxidants help fight of factors associated with heart attacks and stroke. Antioxidants that are found in chocolate are called flavonoids. Flavonoids have shown to slow the processing of bad LDL cholesterol into material that clogs arteries. Flavonoids have also shown to make blood platelets less likely to clump and cause clots. These types of antioxidants can also be found in grape juice and green tea.

Dark chocolate which is usually a bit more expensive and not quite as sweet, is the richest in flavonoids because of the way it is processed. It is a more concentrated chocolate than milk chocolate. It contains less sugars and fillers which gives it the stronger chocolate taste and a greater amount of flavonoids. Milk chocolate, which also has added butterfat, contains less flavonoids. Cocoa powder and chocolate syrups are processed in a method that removes most of the flavonoids.

Researches have also found that dark chocolate has helped in the fight against high blood pressure. The same antioxidants that fight heart attack and stroke have also helped people lower their blood pressure. The chocolate that was used had a high amount of unprocessed cocoa as the main ingredient.

The key to good health is a well balanced diet with plenty of exercise. Adding chocolate to your diet will only help in the aid of good health. Results may vary between people, but adding it to your diet can only benefit and help your bodies overall health.

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