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Chocolate Covered Strawberries - A Delicious Combination!

The dipping of lush red strawberries into chocolate for the making of different types of desserts has been a common practice for many years. As a matter of fact, no one can quite recall when this tempting dish was first created. However, the idea of mixing sweet and tart has led to this dish becoming a particular favorite of many people!

Since fruits are our top vitamin providers, dipping different fruits into chocolate has become a favorite method of creating a healthy, scrumptious dessert! The different types of fruits that can be covered with chocolate are: apples, apricots, cherries, strawberries, peaches, grapes, and a variety of other tropical fruits. In today's world, strange and exotic tasting chocolates are favored more than the normal chocolate bars. In fact, different chocolates are being tried out and released into the market every year, with claims of exotic tastes to tempt the jaded palate! Bearing this in mind, the makers of chocolate covered strawberries create new recipes, with a special flair used to bring out the tart sweetness of the berry, mixed with the melting scrumptiousness of the chocolate covering!

In some countries, chocolate covered strawberries are created using dried strawberries. Although these do taste wonderful, there is nothing quite like the taste of freshness! If you're ever on a tour to Malaysia, make sure you visit their chocolate industry. While the actual chocolate is rather standard, the fruits that are dipped in it are so varied, it boggles the mind! However, you ought to be prepared for dry, tart and spicy!

So where was this art of making chocolate dipped strawberries first born? Although it isn't exactly known, there are some wild theories that this practice first began with the Sultans in the Arab World. However, considering the fact that strawberries seem to be found mostly in wet climes, this theory doesn't seem to be valid!

Chocolate covered strawberries are a treat in any season and more so when they're out of season! When creating this wonderful dish, make sure that you've got the freshest strawberries in the market! Perfectly ripened ones have a taste that's out of this world, but ensure that there are no stragglers with green on them, or you might just be serving more tartness than sweetness!

What you need to create this wonderful dessert:

30-40 fresh, ripe strawberries (with the green stalks cut off)

250 g of Chocolate chips or your favorite chocolate bar whether dark or milk chocolate

Approx. 40 thin skewers of bamboo

How to make chocolate dipped strawberries:

First of all, wash the strawberries with warm water, to remove any dirt and germs. Let them dry out gently, but completely, or the chocolate won't take.
Place the chocolate chips or favorite chocolate bars in a small pan. Take a larger pan, and add some water, and then put it to boil.
Cover the smaller pan containing the chocolate to prevent any moisture from mixing with the chocolate, since this may cause it to seize. Place the smaller pan atop the larger one, but not so that the water from the larger one overlaps the smaller pan.
Alternatively, just place the chocolate chips or chocolate bars in a glass bowl, cover and use the microwave to melt it. A minute should be enough!
After the chocolate has melted, place each strawberry onto a skewer, and then dip into the melted chocolate. While removing the strawberry, rotate the skewer to form swirling patterns as well as to cover any nooks left with chocolate.
Turn the strawberry upwards by inverting your hand to let the chocolate settle with an extra bite at the tip!
Place the dipped strawberries on absorbent paper after the chocolate has hardened slightly.
And you're done!

For the ultimate chocolate sensation, chocolate dipped strawberries should be eaten the same day that they're dipped, for the ultimate decadent delight! Storing these in the fridge is done, but not advised since the chocolate may firm up in a haphazard manner.

Chocolate covered strawberries can be served as an elaborate dessert, normally set within a silvered tray, and eaten with a chilled glass of red! However, having chocolate dipped chocolates for high teas or during breakfast is also a wonderful idea (even if it isn't mother recommended)!

Ordering chocolate dipped strawberries is best done online, or from a delicatessen closest to you!

Colleen Maguire
Writer, Traveler and Chocolate Lover
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