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Mickael Teaches You How to Make Truffles - Truffles Chocolate Chennai

If chocolates make you go weak in the knees then here is one person you should thank for the varieties he makes and sells. Mickael Besse, the in-house bakery at Sathyam Cinemas. He has previously worked with The Inter-Continental, a five star hotel at Beirut, Lebanon, as Pastry Chef. He has previously worked at Michelin, Vienne, Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid and Belgium. Here is a great recipe of truffles from him to try at home.


205 grams whipped cream

15 grams invert sugar (a mixture of glucose and fructose)

20 grams hazelnut praliné (60% hazelnut / 40% sugar)

500 grams dark chocolate

50 grams soft unsalted butter


Boil the cream with invert sugar. Slowly pour the hot liquid over the ground chocolate, stirring with the spatula, from the center out, gradually incorporating the liquid. That way, you obtain a core with an elastic and shiny texture, which must be maintained until the entire liquid is incorporated. When the temperature of the ganache reaches 35-40ºC, add the diced hazelnut praline and the butter, then pipe the mix with pastry bag in shapes of balls. Allow the ganache to crystallize, coat the ball with melted dark chocolate at 35ºC then immediately coat it in black cocoa powder.

Mickael believes that a good chocolate is made of 100% cocoa beans and not adulterated by vegetable fats. He also suggests that you should avoid over roasting the cocoa beans during the process of making the chocolate. "My personal favorite is the 70% plain dark chocolate, with crushed roasted cocoa beans, covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate (56% cocoa), from Valrhona, France," he adds.

Truffles Chocolate Chennai has been written by Kamakshi Alagapan who writes for MetroMela

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