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Chocolate Soothes the Troubled Soul

Have you ever had the following experience?
You get upsetting news, or have a disappointing relation with someone, and all of a sudden your body is screaming - I want some chocolate! Give me chocolate! No, wait - I need some chocolate!

Well, if you can relate to that incident, chances are you are a woman, first of all. And, if you are a woman, the odds are very good that you know what I'm talking about.

It seems that chocolate is good for more than just a tasty, sugary treat or to bring out the flavors of different wines and berries. Chocolate is also the food world's equivalent of Xanax.

Here's the thing I don't understand, though. Most ladies, when they hear the siren song of chocolate calling their names in times of trouble, try to resist the urge. I don't get that at all!

In my opinion, our bodies know what is best for us in times of crisis. This is why, when we need sleep, we absolutely can't keep our eyes open one more minute. If we need food or water, we become so thirsty or hungry it's intolerable. It's also why we can't hold our breath for more than a minute - two at the absolute outside, and with training. It's because our body knows what we need and compels us to give it to ourselves.

So that's why I say, if we feel the need for chocolate, why not just give in and have a piece of chocolate? It may not be great for the thighs - but it's amazing for the soul!

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