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Chocoholics Unite

I am a chocoholic. I am not looking to be saved from my obsession, but to inform as many people as I can about chocolate in the hopes that they too will become chocoholics.

My love affair with chocolate began over 20 years ago and is still going strong. I was eating dark chocolate, and trying to find dark chocolate long before anyone said it was good for you. While I do reap the benefits of eating dark chocolate that has never been nor will it ever be my reason for eating it

My obsession with dark chocolate began when I bought my first box of Belgian chocolates. There is something about the complex flavors of the outside of dark Belgian chocolates along with rich centers that just satisfies my soul. Dark chocolate is like a good glass of wine. It is smooth on the palate, and there are aromas and different flavors as it melts in your mouth.

Once I indulged in those decadent dark chocolates I never looked back. For anyone who has had a box of Belgian chocolates, any brand, knows that those creations have a silky smooth texture and scrumptious centers no matter if the candy is milk, white or dark chocolate. However, milk and white chocolate represents the shallow end of a pool. I made the ultimate sacrifice. I left those wimpy milk and white chocolate confections behind and entered the dark side of chocolate for good.

Switching to dark chocolate was easy. The rich decadent confections melting in my mouth was proof enough that dark chocolate satisfied my chocolate passion better than milk or white chocolate.

Today I am in chocolate heaven. Discount stores, grocery stores and the internet have jumped on the dark chocolate bandwagon. I can buy a stash of dark chocolate anywhere. Even in the small town where I live.

Indulging in my passion would not be worthwhile without chocolate truffles. My truffles are a rich culinary confection of several brands of dark chocolates, chocolate liqueur, Mexican vanilla and spices. My Culinary masterpiece is without a doubt my decadent chocolate torte I make at holidays and selling in my hometown. It is too rich to discuss all the ingredients, but the cake alone has over 1lb. of chocolate.

Indulge in dark chocolate. Become a chocoholic. You will be glad you did.

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